In his debut novel, Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn has criticised the #MeToo movement, which has highlighted sexual harassment and abuse around the world. In the epilogue of the fictional novel titled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, Penn seemed to defend Louis C.K. and Charlie Rose, who faced allegations of sexual misconduct, reports E! Online.

“Where did all the laughs go? / Are you out there Louis C.K.? / Once crucial conversations / Kept us on our toes / Was it really in our interest / To trample Charlie Rose? / And what’s with this ‘Me Too’? / This infantilizing term of the day… / Is this a toddler’s crusade? / Reducing rape, slut-shaming, and suffrage to reckless child’s play?”

The poem was quick to draw backlash on social media. One user tweeted, “I have a PhD in poetry and would like to say that Sean Penn’s poem is terrible in form as well as content.”

“while ya’ll joke tweeting about crazy ol Sean Penn, don’t forget his well-documented history of abuse & violent behavior thanks!,” wrote another Twitter user.

American singer and actress Cher too took to Twitter to mock Sean’s poem against the #MeToo movement and wrote, “Room full of people who asked for a poem by alleged domestic abuser Sean Penn about #MeToo”

While another Twitter user rewrote Sean’s poem which read, “I rewrote Sean Penn’s sexist #MeToo poem: Though this whiny man Thinks it’s brave to talk and talk Penn’s derivative literary dreams Ensure he’s a heinous hypocrite Who needs to shut the F up.”

Sean’s poem did not go well with Amber Ruffin and mocking his poem she wrote, “Pee is yellow, Poop is brown, But what if I was upside down? Yellow poop and Brown pee That’s what would be inside of me. – a better poem than Sean Penn’s”

#MeToo movement came into force after several women came forth to accuse Hollywood producer Havey Weinstein of sexual harassment and misconduct. Following which, celebrities all over the world began sharing their experiences of sexual misconduct in the industry.