Guess the actor who is upset with her mentor?


For many, Bollywood is an obvious career path as they have deep-rooted connections or family members in the film world, but some others make it big on sheer talent and luck. Well, we won’t get into the nepotism debate here. But while these are two obvious distinctions in B-town, there is one more. And that is having a mentor from the industry who will guide star kids or newcomers to make the right decisions that help them in their careers. Today, we have found out about one such mentor-female actor jodi, who are at odds.

She had a rocking start in the Hindi film industry as her debut film had a great run at the box office. But barring attending a few parties and screenings, she was hardly seen post the film’s success. That wait for her and the audience lasted for few months till she was signed up for a new project on her mentor’s insistence. Things had been going smooth till then. However, she had not foreseen that the project that was a multi-starrer would be taking almost a year’s time to finish.

Though that was not as big a worry for her then, but on the insistence of her mentor she had also refused a couple of offers. She did so thinking that he wants her to take up a big project but when one such project did come her way, he made her say no to that as well. Clueless as to what will be her next assignment post her upcoming multi-starrer, she tried to reason why the mentor has been asking her to say no to a couple of really good projects. He then asked her to become the face of a beauty brand and that way she will be constantly in people’s memory.

We now hear the young actor is very upset with her mentor and has been grieving about this to her industry pals. She is worried sick that all the offers that she rejected on his insistence should not make her look snobbish. She has been telling her pals that if her mentor tells her to reject the next project that comes her way too then she will start taking career decisions on her own. Being a newbie, she wants to be part of as many films as possible as she does not hail from a film family who will give her another chance.

Well, we do feel bad for our talented actor and surely share her concern. But knowing that her mentor has a knack to understand not just stories but also how commercially valid it will be, we feel she is certainly in safe hands. However, it is our choices which show what we truly are. So instead of being so scared to make a choice for yourself, it’s better to learn from your mistakes, darling.