Ministers working day and night even if mosquitoes bite them, says UP Minister


She added that none of these ministers are complaining about the work and instead are doing it with enthusiasm.

LUCKNOW: Ministers in Uttar Pradesh are working day and night for the implementation of the government schemes, even if they are bitten by mosquitoes bite them, UP Minister Anupma Jaiswal said while patting the back of the state government. “Schemes are made to benefit all sections and to ensure the youth does not deviate from the righteous path. Considering all these things, schemes are being made and to make sure that they are being implemented, ministers are paying several visits, even if mosquitoes bite them all night,” UP Minister Anupma Jaiswal said.

However, she added that none of these ministers are complaining about the work and instead are doing it with enthusiasm. “If someone gets to hold two chaupals, they volunteer to do 4 instead. The satisfaction that we get out of working in this matter is a huge strength for us,” she said.

She gave the arguments when she was asked about the controversy on UP Minister Suresh Rana’s visit to a Dalit household. Rana was caught in a soup after he was caught on camera eating food cooked by a halwai (caterer), instead of sharing a homemade meal at the house of a Dalit family in Uttar Pradesh.

The incident had taken place in Lohagadh in Aligarh when the minister landed up on the doorsteps of a Dalit family to pay a ‘surprise visit’. The visit was in line with party’s Dalit outreach programme initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The footage that had gone viral shows him eating food pre-cooked by a halwai and not by the Dalit family. “I didn’t even know they are coming for dinner. They came suddenly. All food, water and cutlery they had arranged from outside,” said Rajnish Kumar, Dalit man at whose house the UP Minister had dinner. Many other BJP leaders were also filmed eating the restaurant food.

The elaborate meal spread consisted of paneer items, dal makhni, pulao, tandoori roti and gulab jamun. Mineral water bottles and water pouches were also seen on tables.

Another BJP minister Uma Bharti also stirred a row after she skipped a community meal event which was a part of the Dalit outreach programme. She had said she never participates in such meals as she does not consider herself as Lord Rama who could visit someone’s home and purify it. “In fact I will feel blessed if Dalits come to my home and I serve them food cooked by my nephew’s wife,” she had said.