Telangana citizens can avail free health check-ups soon


The Telangana health department is all set to initiate a yearly health check-up scheme for all citizens free of charge. The check-up includes tests for cardiac, kidney and neuro issues and is being launched to help prevention or ‘early detection’ of such health complications among the underprivileged population.

The scheme is being planned in every district with people in rural areas and urban slums expected to benefit the most, any citizen can avail the service.

Minister for Health and Family Welfare, C Laxma Reddy stated that the idea of the scheme is to prevent diseases and it will be rolled out in the next two months.

According to the latest health survey in Telangana, 21.7% of the population has high blood pressure, over 7.4% of people have high blood sugar, 6.9% has moderately high-level BP, 4.4% was found to have very high blood sugar and 2.5% has very high levels.

Going by the state health records, it was revealed that hypertension, diabetes, anaemia, kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, cancer, hearing, vision impairment, fractures, and malnutrition are the major ailments affecting people in the state.