Brie Larson on playing Captain Marvel: I’m realising I’m way stronger than I knew


Actor Brie Larson says playing Captain Marvel made her aware about her own strength. Captain Marvel is a first Marvel Studios standalone project to be fronted by a female superhero.

“I will say that I learned that I’m much stronger than I realise in playing her,” she told Variety on the carpet of the Crystal + Lucy Awards. The 28-year-old actor said playing the iconic superhero was a surreal moment of her career. “A lot of my life recently has felt like it’s happening to somebody else. I think part of it is a defence mechanism. It feels better to kind of continue to have my own understanding of myself, rather than one that was put on me by the outside world,” she said.

The Room actress Brie Larson revealed that she trained extensively for nine months in order to build her physical strength prior to the filming. “My highest right now is 215 lbs in deadlifts 400 lb hip thrusts. Being able to lift weight like that really changed my perspective and understanding of myself. “Going through a movie that requires so much and takes this long, I’m realising I’m way stronger than I knew,” she said.

Brie Larson plays Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers who turns into one of the galaxy’s mightiest heroes after the Earth is caught in the center of an intergalactic conflict between two alien worlds.

Captain Marvel is set to release on March 6, 2019. Brie will also have a pivotal role in Avengers 4 which will arrive next year. As per reports, she will be at the forefront of leading the superheroes against the supervillain Thanos, whose snap of fingers left half the universe in ashes at the end of this year’s mega-blockbuster film, Avengers: infinity war.

Brie recently also accepted the Crystal Award for excellence in films at The Women in Film, Los Angeles gala.