The underground drainage system construction works remained on papers for the past 12 years in the city. In the wake of severe floods during the rainy season in 2005 and 2006, the then state government had decided to construct an underground drainage system in 2007.

After a gap of two years, proposals were prepared in 2009 under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Local Mission at an estimated cost of Rs 80 crore.

Subsequently, an agency of the Uttar Pradesh government had conducted a study and the state government paid service charges of Rs 80 lakh to the agency under the AP Urban Services for the Poor.

After four years in 2013, an integrated drainage system was proposed at an estimated cost of Rs 103.95 crore. However, it was also not taken up by the state government for years together.

Finally, in 2016, fresh proposals were sent to the government at an estimated cost of Rs 150 crore. The length of the underground drainage is 140 km to cover all areas in and around the city. But again, for some unknown reasons, the government remained indifferent to it.

The underground drainage system will be helpful for Srikakulam in getting rid of mosquito menace, sanitation problem, inundation of low lying areas during the rainy season. The Central and State governments are according priority to Swachh Bharat but neglecting the underground drainage system which will help in making Swachh Srikakulam.

Speaking to The Hans India here on Thursday, municipal engineer G Venkateshwara Rao said: “The Central or State government are not giving their nod for underground drainage system for past two years.”