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It would have only been stupidity and not catastrophe if only he had worn a helmet.

A CCTV video clip showing a road accident has gone viral and has unleashed a debate over road safety. The video clip, from Hyderabad, shows a man on a two-wheeler committing just about every insane mistake and ending up brain dead.

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The traffic cam footage shows the man on a motorcycle on the left side of the road talking into his mobile phone, which is cradled between his ear and his shoulder. He can be seen trying to back out in a bid to turn around.

Having turned around, he is now pointing in the wrong direction. His eyes are still not on the road. The man is not wearing a helmet. He tries to dart across to the other side of the road, and doesn’t have the patience to let an approaching auto-rickshaw cross.

He manages to make it across to the other side, but he can’t see past the auto-rickshaw. There is another motorcycle approaching at considerable speed, with two men on it. They themselves are on the wrong side of the line that marks the halfway point of the road. They try to brake sharply, but the man on the phone has not given them, or himself, much of a chance.

The man on the phone is T-boned and thrown to the ground violently. Even with the poor quality of the security cam footage, we can see the man’s head hit the road. He lies there motionless, as vehicles come to a stop around him.

Doctors later declared the man brain dead. And it would have only been stupidity and not catastrophe if only he had worn a helmet.

The video clips show an accident that could totally have been prevented. Wear a helmet. Do not use your mobile phone while riding/driving. Do not drive on the wrong side of the road. And above all, be patient.

The police have registered a case, but there were no other details on who the case has been registered against or what could come of it.