Imagine opening a box and finding chocolates that are hundreds of years old? Well, this is precisely what happened when recenty nine chocolate bars were found inside a tin box. They are apparently 103-years-old and belonged to Leicestershire Regiment soldier Richard Bullimore, who fought in World War I.

According to a report in BBC, those who have served in France during Christmas were given Colonies Gift Tins. They were made in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and in the tin box of ten chocolates, nine were found. The tin will be sold at an antique auction on Tuesday (June 5).

“Even the tin is rare but to find the chocolate still inside is just unreal. The chocolate actually looks in pretty good shape, although I have to admit that I wouldn’t be tempted to give it a go, even if the experts say that actually chocolate seldom becomes really dangerous over time, but it does lose its flavor and texture. I think they probably did not have century-old bars of the stuff in mind! Richard also received a Princess Mary tobacco gift box containing cigarettes, tobacco and matches and almost all of the contents of that are still there too. Just three cigarettes are missing,” Paul Cooper, of Scunthorpe-based auctioneers Eddisons CJM, said.

The collection comprising of chocolates, medals, letters, cigarettes will be sold as a single unit and is expected to fetch more than £2,000 (approximately Rs two lakh).

Bullimore received a number of awards for his service during his tenure. In July 1915, during a clash in no man’s land in the Ypres Salient he received the Distinguished Conduct Medal for conspicuous gallantry.

Bullimore, who passed away in January 1967 has had several gallant tales to his credit. In one such instance, though he was outnumbered by the enemies, he attacked with grenandes and later carried one of the wounded men to the trenches.