Being a Royal has its own perks, but it’s not easy to live a life under the influence of stringent rules and regulations. The worst is when you can’t even eat what you want in the Royal palaces. Carbs are a strict no-no, instead, grilled fish, chicken, and seasonal vegetables are preferred.

Pasta, which is one of Meghan Markle’s favourite foods of all time has been banned by the Queen from the Royals menu as she dislikes starchy foods, Darren McGrady, author of Eating Royally and the official chef of the Royals for more than 15 years recently said in an interview to Recipes Plus, “Unless for special occasions and dinner parties, The Queen would avoid these foods. Her daily eating menu typically consists of grilled fish or chicken with two types of vegetables. She is also a fan of big bowls of salad, oh, and don’t forget fresh fruit”.

Back in 2013, Markle told The New Potato that one of her favorite meals included “seafood and pasta”. She also told that she loves a pasta dish that includes zucchini slowly cooked for four to five hours until it breaks down into a “filthy, sexy mush”. Markle added, “The sauce gets so creamy, you’d swear there’s tons of butter and oil in it, but it’s just zucchini, water and a little bouillon.”

But on the brighter side, Markle and the Queen do share some healthy eating habits. For instance, they prefer sticking to a mostly-vegan diet with the occasional exception.