JK Rowling’s first book from the Harry Potter series rolled out in 1997, but most fans still can’t stop going gaga about it. If you’re a Harry Potter fanatic and can’t wait to ride the Hogwarts Express, here’s a golden opportunity for you. The North Yorkshire Moors Historical Railway Trust in England is looking for a few Harry Potter experts to board the train and enlighten the passengers about its connection with the novels, movies and the real locations.

Wondering what your job responsibilities would really be? The chosen one needs to be “available on weekdays to accommodate for school visits.” The candidate is expected to lead “small to medium-sized groups of Muggles and Wizarding enthusiasts on tours around Goathland station (which was known as Hogsmeade in the books and films), delivering knowledge on the history of the railway and the station’s association with the Harry Potter franchise.”

What’s more, he or she will also need to “work with the Education Officer to create an engaging Wizarding itinerary for group visitors and ensuring that they have an enjoyable visit that fulfils required learning objectives.”

However, most importantly, the volunteer must participate in media and publicity activities and needs to be comfortable becoming the public face of the station’s association with the Harry Potter franchise “with the support of the Marketing department and Ministry of Magic.”

So, do you feel the job is right for you? Go ahead, grab your golden ticket to Hogwarts now.