Ferrero, the genius behind Ferrero Rocher and Nutella posted an ad a few days back — Nutella taster wanted, no qualifications or experience needed. Enough to shut your laptop, hand over your resignation, walk out of your office and into your dream job? After all, tasting Nutella all day and commenting on its flavour is what culinary dreams are made of. But then again, sorry to burst your bubble, the perfect job – just like the perfect crime – does not exist.

What could have gone wrong with that ad? Well, to begin with, you cannot really start writing your resignation letter if you don’t know how to write Italian. Yes, you need to apply for the job in Italian. To add to your misery, there’s no way you can escape a relocation to Alba, Italy. If you had a picture of anything urban in mind, it is best to get back to your work station now. Besides Ferrero, Alba has only one other company that happens to be the largest manufacturer of PVC flooring.

Not everything is as sweet as a jar of Nutella. The Nutella taster being sought might not get to taste Nutella after all. According to the official job post, they are on a lookout for someonw who would “learn how to taste cacao, chopped hazelnuts, and other semi-finished sweets”. If we were to suggest, the ad should change their description from Nutella taster to Nutella “ingredients” taster.

Talking of job security, there is another three-month training course after which one would be made a sensory judge. Sounds good, doesn’t it? But not everyone will get a work contract. Only people who qualify and are deemed eligible will. This might just drop the “dream” from the ‘dream job’ tag for many who wouldn’t even qualify for the course.

Moreover, the part time job is limited to only two days a week, two hours a day. While the average income people earn is around $2,934 a month, a Nutella taster would end up with only $296.62 each week. Sweet as Nutella may be, the finance sure tastes bitter.