Pawan ditches Telangana for AP?


Amaravati: All the political parties in Telangana are experiencing election heat and they are finalizing alliances and also the candidates for the constituencies. While KCR’s TRS is leading the race announcing candidates for 105 constituencies, TDP, Congress, Communists and TJS are finalizing the alliance.

However much to the surprise of all, Power Star Pawan Kalyan, chief of Jana Sena is remaining silent. He is not speaking a word about Jana Sena’s plans in Telangana. Analysts are wondering whether it is a part of his strategy but sources say there is another side to it.

Pawan heaped praises on KCR and TRS sometime back. He said TRS rule was good in Telangana and AP CM Chandra Babu Naidu should learn from KCR. He even met KCR and congratulated him personally.

He is of the opinion that if he contests the election now, he should criticize KCR and he does not like it at all. Sometime back Communists tried to associate with Jana Sena but sources say Pawan is insisting on having a tie-up only in Andhra Pradesh. Communists now decided to sail with the grand alliance in Telangana. Pawan feels that if he aligns with Communists, it will scene wrong signals.

Even earlier Pawan when asked whether he would contest GHMC elections, he escaped favouring KCR saying he had no money. This shows that Pawan already ditched T for AP.