New Delhi: Fuel prices are skyrocketing since the past few weeks. The rising prices have burnt a hole in the pockets of consumers. In New Delhi, the fuel prices touched Rs 81.63 per litre mark on September 15 while Mumbai had to empty their pockets for Rs 89.01 per litre, according to ANI.

The display machine, however, was showing only Rs 0.33 per litre. When Eveningstandard spoke to a petrol pump owner, he said “We have to manually update the fuel prices every day because they keep changing. The fuel dispenser can’t handle more than Rs 100 as of now.”

The fuel prices increased by Rs 0.35 per litre in the capital on September 15 while there was a hike of Rs 0.34 per litre at Mumbai petrol stations. A rise the in the global crude oil prices are being cited as the main reason behind this sudden surge.

While the petrol users joked that this time the prices might hit a century, guess what fuel prices have already breached the Rs 100/litre mark! The good news is for those consumers who use normal petrol. Premium petrol consumers are bearing such a high cost as on September 08, the price of Octane quality petrol was increased to Rs 100.33/litre.

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