Kishan Reddy terms TRS as ‘Telangana Razakars Samithi’


Hyderabad, Sept.17 (NSS): Former BJP MLA G Kishan Reddy has asked caretaker chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao to tell as to why the latter slipped his word of celebrating Telangana Vimochana Day officially after the formation of separate Telangana state.

Speaking to the media here on Monday, Kishan Reddy launched the scathing attack on KCR family and TRS government saying that the KCR, who buried the aspirations of the people, has no moral right to ask votes. He asked KCR, who forget the sacrifices of Telangana martyrs for the sake of Mujlis support, to tell as to how he will ask votes. He alleged that there was no difference between KCR and the Congress Chief Ministers of the past.

Kishan Reddy asked KCR to tell whether latter will stop the pension of Telangana Armed Struggle fighters, who waged their fight against Razakars, as he was not celebrating the September 17 as Vimochana Day. Whether KCR will give a certificate to Razakars? Whether KCR will install Qasim Rijvi statue removing Sardar Vallabhai statue located before Assembly building. Whether KCR will brand Pawar, Gangaram, Ilamma, Komuram Bheem as betrayers of the nation?, he asked and suggested KCR not to betray the Telangana martyrs for the sake of vote politics and for the sake of MIM friendship. He asked the people to defeat the TRS party, which was behaving cheaply. KCR family was encouraging the communalism and rowdyism colluding with Razakars. He termed TRS as Telangana Razakars Samithi.

He said that BJP Chief Amith Shah spoke on public issues and the centre’s cooperation to the state but KCR didn’t give answers to the questions raised by Shah proving KCR’s political immaturity and water downing politically. He alleged that caretaker Minister KT Ramarao, who entered politics with the help of his father, has no eligibility to criticise Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that KTR became Minister just because he was the son of Chief Minister or else he would have continued his job in America. (NSS)