Voter enrolment gaining momentum in city


Hyderabad: Measures being taken up by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) for voter enrolment appears to be making an impact with nearly 5,000 applications being filed every day.

Since September 10, about 25,000 applications have been filed at different polling stations. Of these, a majority of the applications are for new enrolment and the rest for corrections, change of address etc.

With nearly 5,000 applications being made every day, the officials expect an additional 75,000 applications by September 25, the last date for filing applications.

Officials have detected nearly 75,000 double entry voters and measures are being taken to send notices to such voters to clear double entries. The Election Commission of India (ECI) is laying focus on double entries and the same can be detected effortlessly through the new software ERO Net 2.5. Double entries can be deleted by filing Form 7.

In addition to this, the officials have detected 1.22 lakh deaths in Hyderabad district during the last five years but many of these continue to feature in the voter’s list.

The same records were being re-verified by officials with the Registrar of Births and Deaths. After conducting a door-to-door survey, if the voters continue to be listed, such names will be deleted with required evidences.

GHMC is conducting awareness programmes using different platforms including TV, radio and short films, social media networking sites etc. Under this initiative, 700 student clubs have been established with those, who are turning 18 years of age shortly, and additional 1,000 clubs are being planned.

This apart, the municipal corporation has launched a new facility of locating the nearest polling station on the My GHMC app. To facilitate the voters check their names and file application for updates in the draft electoral rolls, all Booth Level Officers along with the draft, will be stationed at designated polling station locations till September 25.

Disposal of claims and objections will be completed before October 4 and the final electoral rolls will be published on October 8. Till September 25, citizens can file applications for inclusion, deletion, corrections, claims and objections and the same will be received in the designated locations.