New Delhi: Haryana Food and Drugs Administration Department took a decision to put a ban on the use of liquid nitrogen in food and drinks across the state on Thursday. The ban comes to effect a month after a 30-year-old Delhi man ended up with a gaping hole in stomach on drinking a liquid nitrogen-laced cocktail. The government issued a statement from Chandigarh on Friday stating that for health of people in the state, the Harayana Government has banned the use of liquid nitrogen in food and drinks.

Saket Kumar, Commissioner (Food Safety), Food and Drugs Administration Department, said that the order regarding the ban on liquid nitrogen has been brought to effect under section 34 of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 (Central Act 34 of 2006). According to medical science, any food or drink which involves liquid nitrogen in its making is harmful for human consumption. The extremely low temperature of liquid nitrogen can be damaging for body tissues causing frostbite and ruptures on coming in contact.

“If swallowed, the gas can lead to serious internal damage, destroying tissues in the mouth and intestinal area. Also, as it evaporates, liquid nitrogen releases a high volume of gas, which can tear open the stomach if swallowed in adequately large quantities,”, the order stated further.

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The man who gulped  a liquid nitrogen drink went through a surgery at Columbia Asia Hospital in Palam Vihar, Delhi. The man didn’t know that the drink has to be consumed after the smoke has dissipated. He drank it bottoms up immediately. He suffered immense pain in abdomen, swelling and breathlessness. He was rushed to a hospital in Gurgaon where doctors found a huge hole in his stomach. The incident took place on July 3.

Mrintunajay Tiwari, principal consultant, Blue Fish Concept hospitality said, “Staff at restaurants/bars serving nitrogen-based drinks and food had to undergo seven weeks training during which they were told to be very attentive while the drinks are served. The incident was unfortunate.”

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Immense precautions have to be taken while consuming such experimental food products. It’s better that you consult the restaurant staff before ordering a peculiar stuff.