New Delhi: She’s always been your go-to person for every problem. The bond you share with your sister, can never be replaced. So this Rakhi, be the reason for a smile on your sister’s face with these adorable Rakhi gift ideas!

Childhood Photograph

That was probably the best time of both of your life so why not gift memories this Rakshabandhan to your sister? Get the best childhood photograph of both of you together and get it framed. She’ll be overwhelmed, we assure you!

Exclusive Pen

Remember how she always used to complain when you’d borrow her pen and never return it? Well, this is the perfect opportunity to gift her one!

Photo mug with old pics

Doing this is simple. Visit any photo studio and give them some of your sister’s childhood photos. Ask them to make a photomug using them and voila! The perfect Rakhi gift is here.


If your sister loves to scribble, gift her a diary. It will be an adorable gift for girls of all ages. Let her know you support her dreams!


If you can draw one yourself, it’ll be perfect! However, if you’re not good at drawing, you need not worry. Simply find an artist, give them your sister’s photo and ask him/her to make a portrait. Girls love personal sketches, your sister would too!

Wake her up with breakfast

If your sister is still living in the same house as you, you could wake her up with a delicious breakfast and wish her a very happy Rakhi. It doesn’t have to be anything complex, even a bowl of Maggie and some coffee would be nice!

A Photo collage of her every birthday till now

You’ve been on her every birthday; remind her of your timeless bond through this gift. Get one photograph of her each birthday till now and put them on a chart paper in the form of a collage.

Stuff toy of Favourite cartoon

Do you remember what was your sister’s favourite cartoon when she was a child? Get her a stuff toy of her favourite character and look at her cheerful face when she thinks of her childhood!

Make Up Kit

She’s growing up, she needs some make up! Gift her a make-up kit and watch her thank you for many years to come.

TV Remote

This is kind of a fun gift! Remember how you both fought over the TV remote? Well, why not gift her a brand new TV remote this Rakhi! The fight ends, or maybe not?

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