New Delhi: In 21st century, our lives have been engineered in such a way that we spend most our time sitting or lying on bed, couch or chair. We spend almost eight hours at office and most of us do our work while sitting. We continuously stare at computer screens with the pressure of meeting deadlines or making presentations. When workload is more, we tend to have our lunch or tea on our desk. That’s too much of being seated. Then we sleep for almost 7 hours and that time too goes lying on bed. And then, we worry about gaining weight. We are making our body stiff and idle, the consequences of which we will surely face in coming 10 years. Where’s the workout?

Such a sedentary lifestyle will increase the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases and loss of muscle and bone strength. If you are one of those who have no time to exercise, then this article is for you. Make little changes here and there and lead a happy life. First, include healthy options in your diet and next start exercising at office.

India Tv - Stretching at workStretching at work

Here are 5 stretches you can do at your workplace which will leave you relaxed all day long.

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* Interlace your fingers and lift them upwards, as high as you can. Keep your palms facing the ceiling.

* Turn your head the right and look over your shoulder. Hold for few seconds and then repeat the same on the left.

* Raise both shoulders upwards, hold for few seconds and then release. Repeat a couple of times.

* Sit upright, drop your left ear down towards your shoulder. Don’t touch it. Hold for seconds and then relax. Repeat for the left.

* With bent knee, lift your left leg and hold it with your arms. Pull it close to your chest, hold it for seconds and then release. Repeat for the right leg.

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