PM says youth knows who is trying to divide India


New Delhi, Dec 7 (UNI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said unequivocally that
today’s generation ”knows who is trying to divide India on the basis of caste and how it will hamper India’s progress.”

Speaking after the inauguration of Dr Ambedkar International Centre and unveiling of two
statues of Dr Ambedkar, he stated that today’s generation had the capability to eliminate social evils and to work towards removing social ills and warned that the ”country will not be able to move forward in the name of caste, as it should have progressed.” “We have to accept that we can not fulfill the dreams of Baba Saheb,” he added.

Lashing out, he said efforts were made by forces to suppress Babasaheb’s thoughts

Without mentioning Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi, he said those political
parties which take the name of BabaSaheb, they were not Baba Saheb, but Baba Bhole
was being remembered.

Earlier, Social Justice Minister Thaawar Chand Gehlot noted that the Dr. Ambedkar International Centre which reflects Ambedkar’s values and principles has been completed before time.