Sampath slams Harish for carrying false propaganda

Congress MLA SA Sampath Kumar.

Hyderabad, Jan.9 (NSS): Congress MLA SA Sampath Kumar today asked Irrigation Minister T. Harish Rao to remember that the Congress had conceived and designed the Thummilla project for providing a lasting solution to the RDS problem.

Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Tuesday, Sampath Kumar alleged that Harish Rao was indulging in criticizing the Congress party forgetting the facts. He charged the TRS leaders with indulging in false propaganda as they failed to face him politically. He reminded that he went to jail in the wake of his fast-unto-death for the RDS. He advised Harish Rao not to get insulted.

“Our PCC Chief knows very well that I will not shift my loyalties to other political parties. Even Harish Rao and KTR know very well that I will not join TRS party. DK Aruna is like my mother and I became MLA because of her support. I have no differences with her and some people were indulging in false propaganda in this regard”, he added. (NSS)