Harvey: If a woman consciously has sex to advance her career, that’s not rape


Harvey Weinstein’s attorney Benjamin Brafman calls his client one of the most interesting people he has ever represented. He also defends Weinstein’s actions in an interview with The Times saying, “The casting couch in Hollywood was not invented by Harvey Weinstein.”

Brafman makes his case by claiming that he is “not prepared to condemn him simply because he has lived during a period of time in a manner that may not be appropriate or may be embarrassing.” He also adds, “If a woman decides that she needs to have sex with a Hollywood producer in order to advance her career and actually does it and finds the whole thing offensive, that’s not rape. You made a conscious decision that you’re willing to do something that is personally offensive in order to advance your career. Now, however offensive the whole saga may be on both of your parts, that’s not a crime. That’s bad in many ways, when you look at it. But that’s been the reputation of that industry before I was born.”

Brafman also says, “I see many of the allegations against him would suggest criminal conduct when you drill down and really look at the facts and complaints I don’t believe many of them to be true.” Brafman has earlier represented celebrities like Jay-Z, P Diddy and Michael Jackson. He also remarks that he doesn’t think his client will be prosecuted.

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of sexual misconduct by a number of leading ladies of Hollywood including Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Gweneth Platrow, Rose McGowan and many others.