Deputy CM along with his delegation from Telangana at the Rubat site near Ajmer, along with officials of Rajasthan.

Hyderabad: The Telangana government will be coming up with Hyderabad Rubat (guest house) at Ajmer with an estimated cost of Rs 5 crore, whose land has been identified close to the historic pilgrimage site. Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao will be writing a letter to the Rajasthan government towards fulfilling the formalities like registration, in this endeavour shortly.

The Rajasthan government has offered 5,000 sq mts of land (1.23 acre), which is about 6 kms away from the pilgrimage site, has road connectivity. It will be on the lines of AP Bhavan, where a building will be constructed with the objective of providing facilities for the pilgrims to stay. The pilgrims will be provided free stay, if they are ready to stay in dormitory (hall), where there will be bed and storage space for keeping their belongings. “There will be a provision for about 40-50 persons to stay in the halls, where beds and storage place like almirah will be provided for free. While those who are interested to stay in separate room will have to pay a nominal maintenance fee,” Deputy Chief Minister, Mohammad Mahmood Ali told the Hans India.

Part of the land will be used for a restaurant that will serve Hyderabadi biryani to the visitors as well as locals who might to want to relish the dish. The government believes that the pilgrims will be comfortable when they have ready to eat food, which in turn will help generate revenue for maintenance of the place.

The government is also considering operating two to three Toofan type vehicles to help pilgrims for better connectivity, even though 25 buses daily connect to local railway station. Since the site is located in between the Pushkar (another pilgrim centre), the government feels that even the pilgrims who wish to visit Pushkar can also stay due to the better road connectivity, which is about 8 kms away from the Rubat site and about 14 kms from Ajmer.

The Telangana government has requested the Ajmer Nagarpalika to consider providing 1200 sq yards of land close to Railway Station, which will be more accessible to pilgrims. “This project remains amongst the Chief Minister’s priorities, since he had vowed to come up with such place after coming to power,” said Mahmood Ali.

Despite less connectivity to Ajmer from Telangana, about 50 to 100 families from Telangana visit the popular pilgrimage site daily, which includes non-Muslims. During the season (Urs), the figure goes up with more than a 2 lakhs visiting the place. The railways also run special trains during the season, while some families visit in their private vehicles and taxis. Urs of Hazrath Khaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer is falling on March 24.

Deputy Chief Minister on Saturday visited the site along with Collector of Ajmer, Guru Goel and other revenue officials and finalised the land. He was accompanied by Akbar Husain, Chairman, TS Minorities Finance Corporation, Masihullah Khan, Chairman, TS Haj Committee, Arshad Ali Khan, member, TS Minorities Commission and Shareefuddin, TRS leader.

Courtesy Hans india