Mary Poppins Returns: Emily Blunt spreads magic and happiness in the sequel


The talented Emily Blunt will soon return to the big screen as Mary Poppins in Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns. The first trailer for the movie dropped recently and everything about it looks enchanting.

Directed by Rob Marshall and written by David Magee, Mary Poppins Returns is a sequel to the 1964 beloved film Mary Poppins. The new film stars Emily Blunt in the titular role. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Meryl Streep, Ben Whishaw, Emily Mortimer, Pixie Davies, Joel Dawson, Nathanael Saleh, Julie Walters, Colin Firth, and Angela Lansbury also feature in the Disney production.

The sequel will see former nanny of Jane and Michael Banks returning to them after a family mishap. The new film is set 25 years after the original movie, and so the Banks children are now all grown up, with families of their own.

The opening shot of the trailer sees a lone kite flying and very soon a child and the lamplighter are seen pulling at a kite only to discover a figure shrouded in the dark holding the other end, and descending from the sky as she does so. It is Mary Poppins of course, complete with a hat and all. The Banks children exclaim about how good it’s to see Mary Poppins again and one cannot help but agree with them.

The last shot sees Emily Blunt’s mischievous Mary Poppins look in the mirror and comment about how she too feels great about meeting the Banks children. In a magical twist to the video, Mary’s reflection stays in the mirror as she moves on in the last shot.

The 1964 film had featured Julie Andrews in the lead but looks like Emily Blunt will also prove to be a complete charmer with the new one. The film is scheduled to release on December 25, 2018.