Jaya Bachchan can never become a mass leader like Hema: Amar Singh


New Delhi, Mar 13 (UNI) Rajya Sabha MP Amar Singh on Tuesday described actor-turned-politician Jaya Bachchan as a good parliamentarian but not worthy of becoming a mass leader like BJP lawmaker Hema Malini.

Replying to questions on India TV, Amar Singh said, “Jaya Bachchan and I have moral differences. She is pro-active in Parliament, takes her files to Rajya Sabha like a child taking a slate to school, and stays inside the House till the final gong sounds.

“One reason behind this is that she is not a mass leader. She dislikes people. If photographers take her snap, she snatches away the camera. If any smelly person comes near her, she says, keep this “dhoti pershaad’ away from me. She belongs to elite class. As an MP she is good, but as a mass leader she is hopeless. On the other hand, Hema Malini likes meeting people in Mathura, she won her election from there, but Jaya Bachchan can never dream of winning a Lok Sabha election.”

On Naresh Agarwal’s remark against Jaya Bachchan, Singh said: “We expected such a remark from him, because he belonged to that party, where they treat women like this. I was acting as a Shukracharya, the guru of Rakshasas in that party for decades.”
He said Jaya is the ‘bahu’ of poet Harivanshrai Bachchan and he feels pained when remarks like ‘naachne wali’ are made about her.

Minutes after he joined the BJP, Rajya Sabha MP Naresh Agrawal on Monday said he joined the party because he was bypassed for “somebody who danced and worked in films” referring to Ms Jaya Bachchan.