Hyderabad, March.14 (NSS): While hailing the State Government’s novel welfare schemes of Kalyana Lakshmi and Shadi Mubarak for the benefit of poorer sections of the society, members from both Treasury and Opposition benches in the State Assembly expressed grave concern over the undue delay in beneficiaries receiving the amounts in the form of cheques and thus undermining the very cause of the noble scheme.

Earlier replying to the main question in the House, Minister for Forests and Backward Classes Welfare Jogu Ramanna disclosed that as many as 2,92,465 have benefited by the two schemes and a total amount of Rs.1642.03 crore was spent as on March 13, 2018. The beneficiaries of the schemes were from poorer sections belonging to SCs, STs, BCs, EBCs and Minorities. Of the 3.15 lakh applications received from these sections for availing the benefits of the schemes, only 20,000 applications were pending to be cleared, he explained.

Members from both sides in the House, while expressing their appreciation of the government in launching such a laudable schemes to help the poorer sections, also brought to the notice of the government the problems being encountered by the beneficiaries in receiving the amounts in time and also with regard to the irritants like ID proof for income of the families and age of the girls getting married. When voter ID was being accepted as valid proof in many aspects, why the same was not being accepted by the enquiry officials, they wondered.

Members also pointed out that cheques for the amounts were received by the beneficiaries three to six months after the marriages were performed and as such many families were forced to take loans at exorbitant interests.

The Minister assured that necessary instructions were issued and steps taken to ensure that the cheques would reach the beneficiaries on the day of the ceremony itself. He also assured that required orders would be issued to the officials to treat even voter IDs as identification proof. (NSS)