Congress calls for Bharat bandh on September 10


New Delhi: The Congress will hold a nationwide protest on September 10 against Petrol/Diesel price hike. The Opposition has already reached out to other parties to join them in this nationwide ‘Bharat bandh’.

Congress party senior leaders met in Delhi on Thursday where it was decided that apart from the protest on Rafale issue, the party will also protest against fuel price hike.

Rajasthan Congress President Sachin Pilot said, “The fuel prices are skyrocketing, whereas the government is silent. We’ll do a nationwide protest and will keep raising this issue in Rajasthan too.”

Blaming the mismanagement of economy led by the BJP government for high prices, Congress General Secretary Ashok Gehlot said, “The atmosphere in the country has been polarised, fuel prices are at peak. This mismanagement of the economy has led to high prices. When fuel prices were rising during the UPA regime, taxes were reduced to take the burden off people.”

Congress MP Ahmed Patel said that they have spoken to all opposition parties and they are ready to support. He further said that TMC is ready to join the protest, however, Bengal will not have a bandh on September 10.

“RTI has revealed that Modi government is selling diesel for Rs 34/litre and petrol for Rs 37/litre to other countries, whereas in India the price is too high. LPG has increased from Rs 400 to Rs 800. Prices of things that are used daily are inflated under Modi government. On September 10, a movement will be called against the ‘fuel loot’ by which Modi government has profited Rs11,00,000 crore,” said Congress MLA Randeep Surjewala.

“Diesel and petrol should’ve been brought under GST, but Modi government has refused to do so,” he added.