Former MLA to join YSRCP on May 5

Yelamanchili former MLA Kanna Babu

Yelamanchili former MLA Kanna Babu has said that it was due to unavoidable circumstances that he had to leave the Congress and join the TDP. He said though he was in the TDP, his heart was with the YSRCP and that he had always yearned to come back to the YSRCP.

On Monday, former MLA Kanna Babu and Kumar Raju had participated in the YSRCP’s protest programme against the betrayal of AP in Vizag.

Speaking on the occasion, he said he is not coming back to the YSRCP with an eye on any post. He said it was like a homecoming for him. Kanna Babu Raju will join the YSRCP on May 5.